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Our Services

Do you really know how to identify, develop and keep up great people to sustain and gradually improve?

We are here to give you the answer:

TMCI´s integrated systematic talent management approach provides you with a menu of solutions which are especially developed for your company:

  • We identify and evaluate relevant competency framework for your current as well as future business needs of the company.
  • We realize „Talent Identification Training Session“ – (TITS), practical training with focus to a special competence, where based on the total evaluation we identify the talent pool.
  • We conduct „Talent Identification Centers“ (TIC) especially designed identification centre to help you to identify and select the most suitable talents for the company needs in question as well as identifying how best to improve individual as well as team performance. We use up practical method and approach based on especially prepared and designed cases studies, interview and tests.
  • We prepare high impact development programs to up-skill people in key areas such as leadership, sales, presentation and communication skills. We consider project management and personal effectiveness as key areas for the further growth.
  • We develop aspiring manager training programmes to help you grow and keep your emerging talent including graduates intakes in groups from various companies.
  • We execute specialized coaching sessions and training for individuals or small groups who need access to high impact training from leadership to emotional intelligence.
  • We coach in person or by email and phone for individual managers stepping up to a distinctive challenge.
  • We give young graduates which were not given to them during their studies.
  • We conduct some training sessions also in English.

We can effectively combine all or some of these elements into specific programmes based on your existing and emerging needs of the company within the process of Talent Management.