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Welcome to Talent Management Center International!

Desperate shortage and urgent need of highly qualified and top profiled leaders, managers and specialists in all industry sectors is creating need for permanent care of top talents in your companies.

Therefore company Talent Management Centre International (TMCI) is here with specific purpose to provide you with the most challenging and effective support during the talent management process in your company. We take care on long term basis for the most valuable asset you have in your company. It is your human capital in particular your talent pool.

We continuously come up with innovative ideas and new solutions which are based on individual approach towards our clients. Projects are tailored made for you based on your real needs. We closely cooperate with our international partners in this so important discipline.

Prestigious international consultancy groups have defined the coming minimum five years in Central and Eastern Europe including the Czech Republic as the time of top care for talents on all levels. Talent management must clearly be the strategic priority in every company.