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„Worldwide Tough War for Talents“

The subject of „talent“ is much in the news today. Economic as well as demographic trends show shortage of people as well as skills and competences in majority of industries. High competitive environment gives new meaning, urgency of talent management discipline and process. Companies ability to compete effectively in terms of costs, quality, service and innovation, depends on having enough of the right people with the right skills, deployed in the appropriate locations at appropriate point in time.

To do that companies have to understand and devote their talent needs in the context of their business goals and build practical, long-term plans to source, develop and retain talent when and where needed. Changing nature of the workplace and workforce calls for a highly planned and rigorous approach for identifying, developing, deploying and rewarding talent.

Based on the worldwide research done – at present only 80% of the companies have not yet introduced the proper system of Talent Management process. This number is really alarming in the highly competitive environment across the world.

If you are one of these companies – TMCI is here to support you in discipline which is in high demand particularly on long term basis.

We are really looking forward to cooperating with you.